Our Sequoyahn family of freedom-loving persons of the one family of humankind is absolutely not, thanks be to the One Great Spirit which is the One Creator of all of creation, any kind of federally recognized tribe--especially any tribe of Indians federally certified. That is not us, even though many, if not most, of our members are people whose descendants were "Old Settlers" or "Western Cherokees", that became "lost" within the wonderful kindness of other races' common family love and its goodness, just like Sequoyah himself, who was of mixed ethnicity. In fact, Sequoyah, named George Gist, was half Anglo, as were many other mixed-ethnicity Cherokees, such as Chief Arron Price, John Bowles, Captain John Brown, Green Vann along with his father James Vann, and the traditional Chief/Priest with the pure Hebrew name of Bul Cham. Bul Cham still spoke the ancient acculturated Cherokee religious Hebrew/Iroquois Native American dialect; during his religious worship, he called his Creator by the name Yoheewah, which is identical to the proto-Semitic name in Genesis-YHWH-which was said at first (at least as early as 1000 BC to some 700 years before the birth of Joshua of Nazareth) as Yo Hey-Wah Hey. When, thousands of years later in the Americas, Yoheewahn Priest Bul Cham referred to the One Creator of all things, he used the same terms and names as the people who actually wrote Genesis used, just like many others who worshiped within this most ancient of religions which became acculturated within the Americas long before the formation of the original thirteen colonies.

In 1720, there was a great exodus of the Cherokee religious-speakers to the south, where the two oceans almost come together, from whence they had come many hundreds of years before. Those who could not leave in 1720 had waited; then their descendants migrated to present-day Texas and Mexico. Afterwards came the others, who had settled within Arkansas and Oklahoma; now, with these new winds of oppression gathering, they left in exodus again, at the insistence and guidance of the great Native American educator Sequoyah, who urged all of them to go to the freedom of Tejas (Texas) and Mexico starting in about 1808 and continuing through 1839. Some reports estimate that Old Settlers began migrating west by 1800, and were in Mexico City in 1808 obtaining their land grants. These western chiefs had received the grants at the same time that Moses Austin was in Mexico City getting Mexican land grants for him and his son Steven F. Austin, the father of Texas. This was well before the forced relocation of Cherokees from the southeast United States in the late 1820s thru 1837, ending with the Texas slaughter of the Texas Cherokees under the Texas Removal Act sponsored by the well-known and infamous racist Mirabeau Lamar, although, politically the people of the Cherokee Nation of Sequoyah are not ever associated with the roundup of Native American peoples within the Trail of Tears, which started with the Georgia Indian Removal Act, which was written in 1828 by Mirabeau Lamar for the governor of Georgia. Thus, the CNS--The Cherokee Nation of Sequoyah--is unlike many of the membership within the federally certified Native American United States wards. Two out of three federally recognized tribes in the United States have the misfortune of having very valiant and courageous direct ancestors that were forced at rifle point by the U.S. military to complete the harrowing hardship of a journey which killed many of those victimized in 1838-1839.

The Cherokee in Texas went down fighting, to give their women and children time to escape across the Sabine river into Louisiana, where they went to Mexico. There the oppressed people were given that nation's "amparo", meaning political amnesty. To Mexico's great humanitarian credit, at that early time they also did not allow human slavery several decades before President Lincoln's emancipation of their North American Slaves.

Thus, we desire all others, of any ethnicity, to become freely inspired by their Creator Yoheewah to create unconditional love for all others and themselves without any sacrifice whatsoever, whether actual or mammon magically wished, for any reason whatsoever. Please study our web site and consider becoming a person of our Yoheewah family together with us.

Wado... which actually means, in the old religious language--I sincerely Welcome and Thank you for visiting us, as if the Creator of all things, Yoheewah is listening to us, which is why YOU AND ALL ALL OTHERS ARE TRULY WELCOME WITHIN.

Welcome to the official world website of THE CHEROKEE NATION OF SEQUOYAH IN MEXICO, TEXAS, AND THE UNITED STATES, RESERVATION AND CHURCH, all within this, our village homepage and its web site of the human beings of the Sequoyahn Cherokees, who traditionally were Yoheewahns-meaning those who believed in one Creator which has always been, with the creative Great Spirit of unconditional love for humankind and all else of life and creation, and all that which is evidenced by that which actually exists as that which is non-magically true. This is the core, truthful basis of this earliest of all proto-Semitic/Native American original religious beliefs, which almost became destroyed when this original and most ancient of religions was invaded and politically overcome within the Americas. Its believers were forced to adopt these new European completely magic-based, and simply superstitious beliefs, which were lacking in actual truth and honesty and were thus completely outside of that which was told in the beginning of Genesis, in which creation came from something, leading to the real and actually existing wonders found within all of creation. Whether all came from something either too large or too small to completely humanly perceive, their belief that the beginning of creation came originally and ultimately from only one Creator, which can only rationally be believed as having always existed, without any beginning is the only sensible one. Otherwise, you are left with the belief that all of creation came from the unbelievable magical theory of nothingness ... Read More